September is Self Care Awareness Month. This is something many of you NEVER think about. But you should! Because taking care of you might be the best thing you can do for others. The following excerpt is taken from Keep It Together Man.

Who is Number One

“Look out for number one and try not to step in number two.”
-Rodney Dangerfield

Who is the most important person in your life? Who is number one? Who do you care for the most? Who do you think about the most, cherish the most, love the most, serve the most? This is not a rhetorical question. There is an actual answer so take time to think about it, because it is essential to your life.

Who is number one in your life? Who takes first priority? Who gets your time, your energy, your talents? Is it your boss or your work? Is it your video games? Internet gambling? Basketball team? Or could it be your kid(s)? Certainly we have talked a lot about kids, but even more than kids, we have talked about your wife. How to communicate. How to deal with her. How she might change. Is she the most important person in your life? Probably. But that my friend is not correct. The number one person in your life should undoubtedly be you. YOU ARE NUMBER ONE!

This is not a selfish thing. This is not about boosting your ego as lord over your castle. On the contrary, you take care of you because your castle needs it. Your castle and everyone therein benefits from a healthy positive leader. You must take care of you so you can be that leader. It is not ultimately for you. If it was, you would be weak and incomplete, because selfish motivation has no aloha. You take care of you for the ultimate purpose. So you can take care of others.

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